Aerosmith | Steven Tyler - Oscar Parties 2013.

After you’re famous, it’s all simple and brutal: you’re either loved across the board for things you did do… or sneered at for things you didn’t do- or vice versa. Either way, you become a dartboard for other people’s fears, doubts, and insecurities, and right there in the bull’s-eye are the two terrible tabloid twins: sex and drugs. —Steven Tyler - Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

Marilyn Manson | Californication - “The Dope Show”

Christmas. I want AIDS.

When you have friends, you form a band. When you’re lonely, you write. —Marilyn Manson - The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.

Aerosmith | Global Warming Tour 2012 - Live Shows.

There are misconceptions about older people; people forget they invented drugs, they invented anal sex. Old people did the shit we do now before we did it. —Marilyn Manson - Metal Hammer UK Interview.

Aerosmith | Steven Tyler & Joe Perry - Classic Rock Magazine - December 2012.

Marilyn Manson | "I don’t want to have that weight on my shoulders. I don’t want to kill strangers. If I killed somebody, it’d be out of passion. There’s a sense of murder and art being so close together, because there’s passion in it."

Marilyn Manson | As It Lays Interview.


Dita Von Teese | Monarchy ft Dita Von Teese - Disintegration [x]

“I love music, of course, but I never had any intention of performing or helping create anything besides the music for my shows. I had a lot of input into things like styling for some of the music videos that my ex-husband [Marilyn Manson] did, but I wouldn’t ever have dared get involved in any other aspect of music. Actually, we played the song for Manson and the first thing he said was, “Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?”